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New brand, created for internal decoration of J Colors group, was launched on the market at the end of 2012. Tattoo is distinguished by its innovative application technique, that reduce application time and increase the possibilities to create unique walls.


The historic J Colors brand, created in the '60s by Hans Junghanns, it stands out for its refined and highly professional image. Also distributed in Germany.


logo Paramatti

Founded in Turin in 1847, it is one of the oldest brands in the paint industry. A member of the J Colors Group since 1984, it is also distributed in France, Greece and Cyprus.


Inventor of the ColorPro tinting system, it is universally recognized as synonymous with innovation and creativity. Also distributed in Spain and in Russia, where it has its own sales network.


Brand founded in 1924 by the British research chemist Alfred H. Morgan, after whom some of the range's most famous products are named. It joined the J Colors Group in 1995, together with the Rossetti brand.



logo Paramatti Lo Specifico 

Brand created in the '90s specifically for the specialist retail chains, with products tailored to the demands of the DIY world, with sizes and packaging designed ad hoc.


Arsonsisi offers a range of water- and solvent-based paints specifically designed for industrial applications on any kind of surface, with a tinting system developed specially for industry


Catering to the general public, the ready-to-use ColoriAmo emulsion paints, with their extreme ease of use and a range of trendy colours, are perfect even for less expert users who want to put their personal stamp on their homes.


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